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Headstage Arrow 6NX EBB  
The new Headstage Arrow 6NX is an ultra slim headphone amp in a stylish stainless steel enclosure. It uses the expensive OPA2107 opamp plus BUF634 buffers to achieve a superior sound quality. Additionally, the high internal supply voltage of +7V/-7V gives it the power to drive even high ohm impedance headphones without distortion.

These three features - the high quality sound and high power in a small casing - makes this amp unique among all portable amps.

High Resolution USB DAC

If you're using an Android/iPhone smartphone to hear music, the Arrow 6NX will greatly improve the playback quality of your music files. It contains an USB DAC based on the SA9023/PCM5102A chipset - which is the perfect combo to get high resolution music from USB without sacrificing the battery run time. The amp will run for long 20 hours when using the DAC.

Enhanced Bass & Treble Boost

Do you like to go clubbing? The 6NX has the unique ability to enhance bass to a club-like feeling. There is no distortion due to the high power - even at full-size headphones.

Do you like to bring vocals more closer? The 6NX lets you boost treble frequencies so you can clearly hear the diva's voice on stage.

Digital Volume Control

To make the 6NX specially suited for low impedance IEMs the digital volume control DS1802 with 65 steps has been implemented. It has the benefit that there is no imbalance between right/left channels at low volumes as often experienced with traditional analog potentiometers.

Automatic Power Adaptation

Another special feature is the automatic power adaptation. The battery voltage of 4.2V is boosted to a voltage just as high as needed to provide a distortion-free sound, with a maximum voltage of 14V (
+7V/-7V). This patented technique provides high power output along with exceptional battery run-time. At normal listening volumes the amp will run for long 35 hours without using the DAC.

Stainless Steel Design

Special production techniques have been invented to build an
enclosure made of stainless steel with outstanding precision. It is the same type of steel as used for kitchen knifes (420J2). The steel was hardened to 50 HRC which makes it highly dent-proof, while the thickness of only 0.5 mm makes it light weight. Finally a PVD coating protects it from getting scratched and makes it look beautifully.


• Expensive OPA2107 for Superior Sound Quality
BUF634 Buffers for High Output Current
• Patented Power Adaptation with up to 14V Internal Voltage
• 20 Hours Battery Play Time with DAC
• 35 Hours Battery Play Time without DAC
• 65 Step Digital Volume Control based on DS1802
• DAC provides 16/24bits with 32/44.1/88.2/96kHz rates
• Connect to any Android/PC/DAP using the Type-C jack
• Connect to iPhones using "Camera Connection Kit" Adapter (not included)
• ON/OFF Illuminated Power Switch
• Three Selectable Gain Settings (0/6/12dB Gain)
• Two Bass Switches (Amount & Frequency)
• Treble Boost Switch
• High-Capacity 2100mAh/4.2V Lithium-Ion Battery
• Two Audio Input Jacks (Front & Rear Side)
• One 3.5MM Headphone Jack
• Size: 8.3mm x 54mm x 102mm (0.33'' x 2.20'' x 3.86'')
• Weight: 115g


• 14-Day Money Back Guarantee (after Receipt)
• 2-Year Extended Warranty

Package Contains

1 Arrow headphone amp
1 USB Cable 50cm (~20 inches)

Before ordering please check actual lead times by email!

US $ 425.00 free worldwide shipping

Headstage Arrow 6NX EBB
Headstage Arrow 6NX EBB
Headstage Arrow 6NX EBB

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